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Compétences et expérience 

Asbestos : Skills and know-how

How do I know if I have asbestos at home ? 5 possibilities

- You have technical documentation over suspicious material (see Photos) which confirms asbestos presence or you have accurate reference to ask the manufacturer ;

- You can send us a sample of dubious material and we can confirm if it contains asbestos. Nevertheless we recommand you to call a qualified operator to avoid area contamination ;

- We can go on site take samples, (following your instructions), and identify the material ;

- We can carry out management survey (occupational inventory) ;

- We can carry out refurbishment or demolition survey (inventory before remodeling or demolition work).

Why is it dangerous ?

Asbestos can lead to serious and fatal diseases which can be caught by breathing in asbestos fibers.

So it is crucial to avoid asbestos fibers in the air. Asbestos is classified as dangerous goods (CAS  1332-21-4).

The material type, its state and how it is stressed obviously modify the risk of airborn asbestos fiber release.

Further explanations and more detailed information are accessible on Environmental Protection Agency and Health and safety Executive sites.

What to do if you have asbestos at home ? 3 possibilities

- Keep it as it is, airborne measurement should be done. Organize regular visual reinspection of Asbestos-Containing Material ;

- Encapsulation or enclosure of ACM done by professional asbestos removers avoids asbestos fiber release ;

- Removal of ACM done by professional asbestos removers, control by inspection office when required.

Our services :

chambre du microscope

Asbestos identification,

We identify asbestos by scanning electron microscopy with EDS (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy). 

Following VDI 3866 Blatt1 - Blatt5  and  VDI 3877 Blatt1

Calorifuge de tuyaux de chauffage

Management survey (occupants and users protection).

All areas are inspected as far as reasonably possible, including removable false ceilings, service ducts. 
Probing and sampling do not affect the general statement.

Only external elements accessible without dismantling are checked for technical installations (heating system boiler...)

Refurbishment or demolition survey (workers protection).

All areas are inspected, the survey is fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection.

All technical installations are inspected and disassembled if necessary. This inspection could potentially damage elements which could lead to it being disfunctional.  

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